Established in 1982, The Buckingham Research Group Incorporated is a New York-based registered broker-dealer. The firm is dedicated to providing high-quality value added equity research based on thorough and unique analysis distributed exclusively to our institutional client base.



The Buckingham Research Group regularly seeks investment professionals to round out our seasoned team. We pride ourselves in creating a winning culture that attracts high quality people who enjoy a challenging, client focused, and entrepreneurial work environment.


Recent Research

$WWW Sales & Margin Story Well Understood; Maintain NEUTRAL #ScottKrasik: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

Containerboard Data in January Is Close to In Line with Expectations #MarkWeintraub: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$DLPH 4Q17 First Look: Beat Paired with In-Line FY18 Guide That's Likely Conservative #GlennChin: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

Upward Pressure Persists on Wood Products Prices #MarkWeintraub: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$BWA 4Q17 Results: An EPS Beat and FY18 Estimates Tick Higher #GlennChin: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$THRM 4Q17 Beat, Light 2018 Guidance, a New Chapter? Remain NEUTRAL #GlennChin: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$ATI Tariffs, Quotas, and Steel - Oh My! #RichardSafran: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$Initiating at NEUTRAL; Feed Costs Cloud Outlook Initiating at NEUTRAL; Feed Costs Cloud Outlook #EricLarson: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$Initiating at NEUTRAL; Peak Earnings Discounted in Stock Price Initiating at NEUTRAL; Peak Earnings Discounted in Stock Price #EricLarson:

$WAB EPS Turning the Corner (Finally) in 2018E; Reiterate BUY and $97 PT #MatthewBrooklier: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$WWW 4Q17 First Look - No Surprises as In-line with Preannouncement #ScottKrasik: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$FINL Pullback in Stock Price and Solid CF Make us Less Negative; Upgrade to NEUTRAL #ScottKrasik: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

Valuations Back to Pre-Election Levels, Despite Improving Environment #JamesMitchell: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

Automotive BRG's Exhaust: Week Ending 2/16/18 #GlennChin: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$TPH Trading at a Relatively Attractive Valuation and Going in the Right Direction #MarkWeintraub: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

WMT Read-Through to Dollar Stores: Top Line Tailwinds, Stable Pricing; Labor Investment Headwinds #KellyCrago: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

Larson's Fresh Off the Farm Weekly #EricLarson: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$THRM 4Q17 First Look: Slight Beat, FY18 Guidance Looks Light #GlennChin: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$2018E Introduced Guidance Puts WAB Back on Double Digit EPS Growth Track 2018E Introduced Guidance Puts WAB Back on Doub #MatthewBrooklier

Krasik's Download - This Month in Video Games #ScottKrasik: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

Homebuilding: Weintraub's One-Pager #MarkWeintraub: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

Paper & Forest Products: Weintraub's One-Pager #MarkWeintraub: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$TPH Solid 4Q, Puts and Takes on Outlook #MarkWeintraub: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$RH Tweaking Ests Ahead of Possible 4Q Pre-Announcement; Reit BUY & $135 PT #KellyCrago: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

BRG Weekly Specialty Retail Roundup #KellyCrago: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$R 2018E Guidance Disappoints Despite Impressive Rev Expectations; Reiterate BUY #MatthewBrooklier: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$CPS Strong Beat to Finish 2017, FY18 Guidance Reiterated; Reiterate BUY #GlennChin: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$VFC Soft 4Q/Guide; Risk/Reward Remains Neutral #EricTracy: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

Wood Products Prices Continue to Push Higher #MarkWeintraub: https://t.co/wNHzwl86pr

$NP Higher Costs and Transitional Pains Continue to Weigh on Profits #BrendanMunson: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

Feb IHS Production Forecast: Global Volumes Very Stable #GlennChin: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$R 2018E Guidance Mixed; Strongly Accelerating Revenue Albeit Op EPS Disappointing #MatthewBrooklier: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$AXL 4Q17 1st Look - Earnings Beat, FY18 Guide Reiterated #JosephAmaturo: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

Housing Starts Surge With Strength in Both Single- and Multi-Family #MarkWeintraub: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$ANDE; Gradual Improvement Ahead, But Not Hockey-Stick Recovery ANDE; Gradual Improvement Ahead, But Not Hockey-Stick Recovery #EricLarson:

Triangulating the Data Points

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