Established in 1982, The Buckingham Research Group Incorporated is a New York-based registered broker-dealer. The firm is dedicated to providing high-quality value added equity research based on thorough and unique analysis distributed exclusively to our institutional client base.



The Buckingham Research Group regularly seeks investment professionals to round out our seasoned team. We pride ourselves in creating a winning culture that attracts high quality people who enjoy a challenging, client focused, and entrepreneurial work environment.


Recent Research

$DHI $FOR $NGVT $IP $KBH $LEN $LPX $NP $OSB $PKG $PCH $PHM $RYN $TOL $TPH $USG $WRK $WY Discontinuing Coverage #MarkWeintraub: http://bit.l

$F Dinner with Management - We Are Increasingly Confident Dividend is Safe #JosephAmaturo: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

August IHS Production Forecast: Global Production Vols Lower #GlennChin: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

August U.S. Retail Sales Through 10 Selling Days -2.3% YOY; Est. 16.7M SAAR #GlennChin: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$HRL $SAFM FY3Q18 Preview: Large Supplies Cast Shadow on Outlook, Lowering Estimates #EricLarson: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$COLM Branded Apparel/Footwear: 2Q Post-View Model/PT Updates #EricTracy: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$PGR - Growth Accelerates in Latest Print PGR - Growth Accelerates in Latest Print #AmitBuck: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

July Containerboard Data Shows Sizable Inventory Increase on Full-out Production #MarkWeintraub: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

Lumber Flattens Out, and OSB Advances Though Without Much Conviction #MarkWeintraub: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$ACGL $AFG $AHL $AIG $ALL $AXS $EIG $HIG $PGR $PRA $RE $RNR $TRV $WRB Updating Estimates Post 2Q Earnings #AmitBuck: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$HXL Some Views on HXL Through Year-End 2018 #RichardSafran: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$ATI A New CEO at ATI - A Neutral to the Stock #RichardSafran: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$TPR 4Q18 First Look #EricTracy: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

Larson's Fresh Off the Farm Weekly #EricLarson: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$WRK Thoughts and Takeaways from Our WRK Meetings #MarkWeintraub: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$VFC Jeanswear to be Spun Off; Value Largely Captured in Stock #EricTracy: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$K Quick Thoughts Following CEO Call #EricLarson: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$BWA Another EPS Beat and Upward Guidance Tweak #GlennChin: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$SUP Another Encouraging Beat and a Guidance Raise; Increase PT to $24 #GlennChin: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$ALK Horizon Air Theft #DanielMcKenzie: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

Weintraub's Paper & Forest Products One-Pager #MarkWeintraub: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$SAIA Robust LTL Pricing Environment Adds to 2Q18 EPS Upside; Reiterate BUY #MatthewBrooklier: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$ARII Demand Acceleration and Share Wins Overshadow 2Q18 EPS Miss; Maintain NEUTRAL #MatthewBrooklier: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$RAIL Demand Pickup and Op Improvement Plan Strong Tailwinds; Raising EPS and PT #MatthewBrooklier: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

OSB Bounces In Select Regions, Lumber Still Falling But At A More Measured Rate #MarkWeintraub: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

WASDE First Look; Yields Surprise, but USDA Still Underestimating Global Demand #EricLarson: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

CPI Personal Auto Data Released: No Improvement, Reiterate UP on PGR #AmitBuck: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$DSKE Guidance Raised to Reflect Most Recent Acquisitions; Reiterate BUY and $15 PT #MatthewBrooklier: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$Growth Hiatus Weighs on Earnings Beat; Remain NEUTRAL, Trim PT to $48 Growth Hiatus Weighs on Earnings Beat; Remain NEUTRAL, Tr #GlennChin

$AZUL Lifting 2018 on Solid Cost Execution #DanielMcKenzie: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$NCLH Mgmt Executing Well; Maintaining Valuation #DanielMcKenzie: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

Monthly Food Smorgasbord; Big U.S. Crops Getting Bigger #EricLarson: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

Short Interest Data Out - AHL's SI Fell Pre-Earnings. PRA, WRB, AHL Lead Overall #AmitBuck: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$NCLH 2Q18 First Blush - Beat and Raise #DanielMcKenzie: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$AZUL 2Q18 First Blush #DanielMcKenzie: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

Triangulating the Data Points

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