Established in 1982, The Buckingham Research Group Incorporated is a New York-based registered broker-dealer. The firm is dedicated to providing high-quality value added equity research based on thorough and unique analysis distributed exclusively to our institutional client base.



The Buckingham Research Group regularly seeks investment professionals to round out our seasoned team. We pride ourselves in creating a winning culture that attracts high quality people who enjoy a challenging, client focused, and entrepreneurial work environment.


Recent Research

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$AAL Qatar Airways Announces 10% Stake in AAL #DanielMcKenzie: https://t.co/wNHzwl86pr

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$KMX Quality F1Q18 EPS Beat Overshadowed by Overblown Bearish Concerns #GlennChin: https://t.co/wNHzwl86pr

June 2017 U.S. Retail Sales Through First 15 Selling Days (2.1)%; Est. 16.5M SAAR #GlennChin: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$KMX FY1Q18 First Look: A Uniformly Strong Qtr Leads to Big EPS Beat #GlennChin: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$LEN Homebuilding Leads Way As LEN Continues to Make the Parts More Valuable #MarkWeintraub: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

Booking Volumes Steady Overall #DanielMcKenzie: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

Wood Products Prices Are Narrowly Mixed, Tolko to Restart Mothballed OSB Mill in 1Q18 #MarkWeintraub: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

Paris Airshow Day 1 #RichardSafran: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$LEN Big 2Q Beat as LEN Points to Accelerating Housing Recovery #MarkWeintraub: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

June Mid-Month Pricing Neutral; GM FS SUV Incentives Up Sharply #GlennChin: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$UNFI UNFI; Highlights from a Managament Discussion #EricLarson: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$NOC More Optimistic After Meeting With Management; Raising Estimates #RichardSafran: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

Banks & Brokers: Weekly Update #JamesMitchell: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

BRG's Exhaust - Week Ending 6/16/17 #GlennChin: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

The House Edge - Macau & U.S. on Track; BRG Initiates Coverage of HGV, WYN, VAC #ChristopherJones: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

Paper & Forest Products: Weintraub's One-Pager #MarkWeintraub: https://t.co/wNHzwl86pr

BRG Weekly Specialty Retail Roundup #KellyHalsor: https://t.co/wNHzwl86pr

Homebuilding: Weintraub's One-Pager #MarkWeintraub: https://t.co/wNHzwl86pr

$KMX F1Q18 Earnings Preview: Our $0.91 Est is Street-Low, But Conservative #GlennChin: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$VAC Initiating Coverage at BUY: VAC - Best in Class Operator with M&A Opportunity #ChristopherJones: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$HGV Initiating Coverage at BUY: HGV - Eye on Growth With Capital to Deploy #ChristopherJones: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$WYN Initiating Coverage at BUY: WYN - Sometimes Breakups are for the Better! #ChristopherJones: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

Food Retailing Landscape Undergoing Change #EricLarson: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

OSB Pricing Continues to Move Higher, Lumber Edges Down #MarkWeintraub: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

Norbord (OSB--NEUTRAL, 32 Tgt): Supplemental Initiation Slides #MarkWeintraub: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

May 2017 Card Master Trust Data: NCOs and Delinquencies Tick Modestly Higher #JamesMitchell: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$UNFI; Not Dead Yet! UNFI; Not Dead Yet! #EricLarson: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

Global Production Overall Modestly Changed from Last Month; China Production Revised Down in 2017 #GlennChin: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

Housing Activity Disappoints In MayHousing Activity Disappoints In May #MarkWeintraub: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

Good Company but Would Prefer More Value Cushion, Initiate at NEUTRAL$OSB Good Company but Would Prefer More Value Cushion, #MarkWeintraub

$HRL HRL; Key Investor Day Highlights #EricLarson: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

May C'board Data: Market Remains Tight With Producers Running Virtually Full Out May C'board Data: Market Remains Ti #MarkWeintraub

Previewing the Paris Airshow 2017 #RichardSafran: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

Triangulating the Data Points

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