Established in 1982, The Buckingham Research Group Incorporated is a New York-based registered broker-dealer. The firm is dedicated to providing high-quality value added equity research based on thorough and unique analysis distributed exclusively to our institutional client base.


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The Buckingham Research Group regularly seeks investment professionals to round out our seasoned team. We pride ourselves in creating a winning culture that attracts high quality people who enjoy a challenging, client focused, and entrepreneurial work environment.


Recent Research

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Kumar Chronicles: 3Q Preview, PGR Sept Results, Cat Loss Pre-Announcements #AmitKumar: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

Automotive's BRG Exhaust: Week Ending 10/18/19 #GlennChin: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$GNTX In-Line Qtr., But Shares Trade At Unwarranted Prem.; Reit UNDERPERFORM, $18 PT #GlennChin: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$BA An Unwarranted Sell-Off Sets Up an Interesting Opportunity #RichardSafran: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

Oct-19 Mid-Month Pricing: ATPs +2.8% (~$900), Incentives +3.4% (~$135) YOY #GlennChin: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$ALK $SAVE $HA 3Q19 Preview / 4Q19 Outlook #DanielMcKenzie: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$STT More Confident in Outlook; Upping Target #JamesMitchell: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$STT 3Q19 First Look: Seq. Growth in Servicing & Mgmt Fees; Good New Biz Wins #JamesMitchell: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$ATI $GD $LHX $LMT $NOC $RTN $BA 3Q19 Earnings Preview #RichardSafran: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$RAIL $GATX $GBX $TRN $WAB 3Q19 Railcar EPS Preview; Cycle and Structural Headwinds Likely More Pronounced #MatthewBrooklier: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

Demand Bounces; More Supply Exits #DanielMcKenzie: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$GM ...and POTUS Wonders Why Manufacturing Is Contracting in The U.S. #JosephAmaturo: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

3Q19 Automotive Earnings Preview: Valuations Look Full-Exercise Caution; Continue to Favor Retailers #GlennChin: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$MS FICC & DCM Drive Upside #JamesMitchell: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

October U.S. Retail Sales Through 11 Selling Days (3.5%) Est. 17.3M SAAR #GlennChin: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$PAG Brexit Agreement Could Be A Positive Catalyst #ChristopherArmes: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$ACGL $AFG $AIG $Y $AXS $CINF $HIG $EIG $AXP $PGR $RNR $PRAA $THG $TRV $SIGI $WRB 3Q Preview: Pricing Moves to the Forefront (HIG, AXS, TRV, ALL) #AmitKumar: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$BAC Improving Volume Growth Provides Some Offset to Rate Pressure #JamesMitchell: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$BK Balanced Franchise Provides Stability, But Waiting for Growth #JamesMitchell: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$UAL Good 3Q19; Maintaining Outlook #DanielMcKenzie: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$PGR First Look: Earnings Reflect Underlying Deterioration #AmitKumar: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$BAC 3Q19 First Look: A Modest Core Beat on Expenses #JamesMitchell: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$BK 3Q19 First Look: NII Not as Bad as Feared + Nice Jump in Deposits #JamesMitchell: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$KNX Lowering Estimates Post Downside 3Q19 Pre-Report; Maintain BUY #MatthewBrooklier: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$JBHT Brokerage Miss Masks Core Business Improvement; Reiterate BUY #MatthewBrooklier: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$AZUL Investor Day Takeaways #DanielMcKenzie: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$LEA PT to $105: Share Price Likely Drifts Lower with Lower Vol., Maintain NEUTRAL #JosephAmaturo: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$UAL Good 3Q19; Consensus Looks About Right #DanielMcKenzie: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

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