Established in 1982, The Buckingham Research Group Incorporated is a New York-based registered broker-dealer. The firm is dedicated to providing high-quality value added equity research based on thorough and unique analysis distributed exclusively to our institutional client base.



The Buckingham Research Group regularly seeks investment professionals to round out our seasoned team. We pride ourselves in creating a winning culture that attracts high quality people who enjoy a challenging, client focused, and entrepreneurial work environment.


Recent Research

OSB Up Sharply, Lumber Continues to Rally #MarkWeintraub: https://t.co/wNHzwl86pr

$GNTX 2Q17 First Look: EPS Miss and Worse Than Headline #GlennChin: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$ALV 2Q17 First Look: EPS Miss and Cut to FY Organic Rev Growth #GlennChin: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$VFC Q217: Expect Margin Upside, Focus on 2H Rev Outlook #EricTracy: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$GATX 2Q17 EPS Aided by Asset Disposition Pull Forward; Maintain NEUTRAL #MatthewBrooklier: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$SKX L-T Sales Growth & Margin Expansion Potl Outweigh Mixed 2Q Results; Reit. BUY #ScottKrasik: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$BK In-Line Quarter With Some Top-Line Improvement #JamesMitchell: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$GATX 2Q17 EPS Initial Thoughts; Asset Disposition Gains Drive Majority of Upside #MatthewBrooklier: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$BK 2Q17 First Look #JamesMitchell: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$UAL UAL Story Intact Despite 3Q17 Revenue Disappointment #DanielMcKenzie: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$LLL CEO Michael Strianese Retires - L-3's Board Names Chris Kubasik The New CEO #RichardSafran: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$LMT Reiterate Buy & Raise Our Target After Solid 2Q17 Results #RichardSafran: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$CPA LATAM Recovery Continues; Lifting Valuation #DanielMcKenzie: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$NTRS Lowering EPS on Weaker NII and Higher Expenses #JamesMitchell: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$NTRS 2Q17: First Look #JamesMitchell: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

Summary of Initiation: Branded Apparel/Sporting Goods Sectors #EricTracy: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

Housing Activity Perks Back Up #MarkWeintraub: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$MS 2Q17 First Look #JamesMitchell: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

2Q17 Earnings Preview: Top Ideas Ahead of Results; Focus Remains on 2017 Demand Outlook #GlennChin: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

Wood Products Prices Continue to Rise #MarkWeintraub: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$UAL Trimming Outlook; Maintaining Valuation #DanielMcKenzie: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

Adj. Ests to Reflect Robust 2Q17 Launch Cadence$CPS Adj. Ests to Reflect Robust 2Q17 Launch Cadence #GlennChin: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$ALV Tweaking EPS Ests. Higher to Adjust For Share Repurch. & Tax Rate #GlennChin: https://t.co/wNHzwl86pr

$ADNT Adjusting Estimates Into F3Q17 Earnings; Expect Another Positive Result #GlennChin: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$GS Challenges in FICC Limit ROE Expansion #JamesMitchell: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$FIVE FIVE Keeps it Fresh With A New Store Model; Reiterate BUY and $62 Price Target #KellyHalsor: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$GS 2Q17 First Look #JamesMitchell: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$BAC 2Q17 First Look #JamesMitchell: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$LMT First Look at LMT's Solid 2Q Results #RichardSafran: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

Larson's Fresh Off the Farm Weekly #EricLarson: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

BRG Weekly Specialty Retail Roundup #KellyHalsor: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

BRG's Exhaust - Week Ending 7/14/17 #GlennChin: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

$SIG CEO Change Not a Game Changer; Maintain NEUTRAL on L-T Challenges #ScottKrasik: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

Global Production Modestly Changed from Last Month; Another Increase in S.A. #GlennChin: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

Another Month of Solid Containerboard Data in June #MarkWeintraub: https://t.co/wNHzwkQvxT

Triangulating the Data Points

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